Just “Junk Hunting”

For over 50 years Harold and Yvonne Ellis spent much of their spare time collecting Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe memorabilia. It was a true passion that was fueled by Yvonne after Harold mistakenly gave away some treasures while cleaning the back room at his first job at West End Pharmacy. She never let him forget it and over the years he continued to try to make up for his mistake. They would return home from a weekend of “junk hunting” and call the family and say “come over, I got something to show you” . Grinning from ear to ear he would say “I’m spending your inheritance”. While I have to admit at times I wasn’t sure what we were looking at or just what significance it might have carried, we knew that they were tickled to death to have found that precious piece. They never collected anything as an investment; they just wanted to have it to look at. Today we are proud to share these relics with you and consider it an honor that we have become stewards of these magnificent items.

The beautiful Oak Showcases that line the walls came from the Old Corner Drug Store that operated across from the county court house until the early 70’s. More then 100 years old they set the tone for the d├ęcor we hope that you enjoy. The marble soda shoppe fountain and bar comes from People’s Drug Store that operated down the street until 1978. Inside the showcases you will find items from Buntings Drug Store, West End Pharmacy and other local and regional pharmacies. Harold’s favorite items are from a local female pharmacist named Minnie Baugh. You can find her original scale balance along with some of the actual inventory. The amazing fact is that she practiced from 1897 – 1899 in the small building across from St. Thomas Episcopal Church. You can also find many old soda fountain items, including Yvonne’s favorite, her Coke tray collection. These items are a reminder of days that we have forgotten in which the home town pharmacy was the gathering place of the community.

Ellis Pharmacy operated in this location from 1959 – 2007. When Harold opened in this building many people said he was crazy because he didn’t have a soda fountain. But he had a vision and built a smaller building with a drive-thru window instead. It wasn’t long before soda fountains were becoming a thing of the past and drive-thru’s were becoming the norm. Today we have come full circle. We may no longer be able to make you feel better with a prescription drug but we can make your day better with a good sandwich and a soda. We can’t think of anything more fun than to offer you a glimpse of the past and the nostalgia of an old fashion soda shoppe.


We hope you enjoy your visit and will come see us soon.